Get to know Drew

I’ve always been sexually charged. I started experimenting with my neighborhood friends as a kid and it just never stopped. It stands to reason that I would find a place in the porn world. I’ve got the looks. I was blessed with great genes and a massive cock. Plus, I simply love sex.

I’ve never been shy about my sex drive. I started finding guys to play with when I was around 15. All I could think about was sex. Before I was even legal, I was known as “Big Dick Drew.

I love being an exclusive with Treasure Island and stoked that they let me work with other great studios like Club Inferno Dungeon. Look for me in the Mr. S Leather Catalogue, too.

Who knows what’s ahead for me. I can tell you that it will involve sex. And lots of it. Sex is something I was born to do.

BTW: My favorite toy…



Mr. S Leather